Student's Research Day Project Connects Wenzhou China Campus to NJ


Student's Research Day Project Connects Wenzhou China Campus to NJ

One of my favorite projects to assign in my Identity and Info Design course is developing a new business idea that solves a social problem or satisfies a need in the market. This year, student Jennifer Abujawdeh conceptualized and developed her successful idea—a social media platform, which she called “RBSD—and presented it at Kean’s 2016 Student Research Day. 

Jennifer’s project solved students’ perpetual need for fast, timely feedback on their work. Since many students work late in the evening (while most professors are sleeping), RBSD+ provides a real-time, online forum for posting projects so other students and design professionals can review and contribute advice for improvement. The site also offers resources, categorized by specialty (software, typefaces, images, etc.) and information on internships and getting a design job.

Jennifer’s idea was well received by faculty and students who participated in Student Research Day. Dr. Sophie Howlett, Associate Vice President for Learning Support at Kean, commented that RBSD+ is a great tool for connecting with a broader student population at the University. In Fall 2016, I will introduce Jennifer’s platform to design students and faculty at Kean’s campus in Wenzhou, China, and promote it at Kean USA as a way to bridge the time differences and create collaboration between the campuses.

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